Frequently asked questions

This section contains the questions that we have been asked about the proposals alongside the answers.

Q) Has retail been discussed as an option for the ground floor of the development? Who will manage the space? 

A) In line with local planning policy Homes for Lambeth are proposing the reprovision of the community space that already exists on this site. A retail use would not fulfil planning policy requirements nor would it fulfil the local need for community space as identified within the Waterloo Neighbourhood Plan. 

The space will be owned, and managed, by Homes for Lambeth. Preliminary discussions are underway with Young Vic, who are currently seeking a new home. 

Q) Surely, the development of this part of the estate should have begun by looking at the overall plan of the entire block. Issues of open space, environment, amenity, circulation and security need to be resolved for the existing Windmill House, as well as any new building. Has this happened and if so, can it be shared? 

A) At present we have undertaken a desktop and site studies into the site and its relationship with other building. This has formed the evolution of the design and will be covered within the Design and Access Statement supplied as part of the planning application.

Q) Will the developers expect to put money into improvements to Windmill House, in particular around the ground floor and landscaping, so that Windmill House doesn't end up looking like the poor relation on the estate? 

A) Homes for Lambeth will benefit from further consultation with the residents of Windmill House to understand what improvements are required and how new proposals could integrate with the surrounding area, particularly regarding landscaping/improvements for the local area. 

Q) What potential S106 improvements are there for the area? 

A) As part of the planning application Homes for Lambeth has a legal requirement to mitigate the impact of the development such as work to the adjacent streets and contributions. Alongside S106 contributions Homes for Lambeth will pay CIL (community infrastructure levy) which goes towards improvements across the Borough. Lambeth Council will therefore receive a pot of money from Homes for Lambeth to spend locally as they see fit. 

Q) What is the relationship between the building and the Roupell Street Conservation Area. Have you run a shadow plan and overlooking analysis on the impact on the conservation area? 

A) An analysis of the impact on the conservation area will be included within the ‘daylight/sunlight’ report that will be submitted as part of the planning application. 

Through the spring, summer and autumn months the shadowing shouldn’t reach properties within this area. There is, however, a chance that they will reach the area during winter months but this could be expected from any building in this location. On balance Homes for Lambeth believe that no material impact is expected from this application. 

Q) Is the plant area effectively an 11th floor? 

A) The plant room is shown as an 11th floor set back and is included in all drawings of the building. It should be noted that the plant room on the roof may not be required – the energy strategy for the building is still being discussed. 

Homes for Lambeth are aware that the D1 (community space) was built at the same time as Windmill House and abutts/fits into the ground floor layout. Homes for Lambeth is keen to understand how these buildings work together along with the green spaces on the other side of Windmill House. If you have any suggestions for how the green spaces could be updated please email [email protected]

Q) What is Homes for Lambeths relationship with the Council? 

A) Homes for Lambeth is wholly owned by Lambeth Council and is the council’s housing developer. This site is council owned hence Homes for Lambeths involvement. 

Q) What does council level rent mean? 

A) Council level rent is the most affordable level of rent (social rent) offered by Lambeth Council.  

Q) What does shared ownership mean and how does it work? 

A) Shared ownership is an affordable housing product that is part-rent, part-buy and is there to assist those who do not have access to a large deposit. By removing the need for a large deposit, first time buyers are able to take the first step onto the housing ladder.  

The homes are purchased on a ‘part-rent’ ‘part ownership’ model which means that purchasers own a proportion of the new home and pay affordable rent on the remaining proportion of the home. Over time purchasers are able to staircase into higher levels of ownership I.e. you can buy 10% more equity in the building. Technically you can staircase until you own 100% of the flat and when you sell the home you sell the share that you have purchased. 

Q) How many minutes a day will the playground get direct sunlight? 

A) A full and detailed analysis of the proposals impact on the building will be included in the daylight/sunlight report submitted as part of the planning application. The daylight/sunlight received by the playground varies depending on the time of year. 

Q) Is the level of daylight/sunlight received by a public open space a planning consideration? 

A) Yes. Daylight/sunlight is part of the planning process.  

BRE guidelines set out a series of tests that proposals must be carried out on any proposals to test the performance of the building and the impact its having on neighbours. One of these tests is the direct sunlight onto open spaces and as such it will be included within the daylight/sunlight report. 

Q) What impact assessments have been done regarding light, views affecting the three blocks specifically Windmill House, Iseben buildings, and Bensen buildings?

A) A full daylight/sunlight study will be carried out as part of the planning application. This report will be reviewed independently by Lambeth Council as part of the planning process. 

Q) Are the roof terraces communal and for the benefit of all residents? 

A) Yes.

Q) Could there be noisy social gatherings happening on the 5th floor terraces (where the building is closest to Windmill House)? 

A) There will be restrictions on the use of the terrace. In addition, it is possible to design out overlooking/noise pollution through the use of buffer planting. As the proposals are still evolving this is something that can be considered during its development. 

It is also worth noting that the area closest to Windmill House is largely identified as the children's play and amenity space and Homes for Lambeth believes that this will mitigate its impact on the surrounding area.

Q) What BREEAM rating will the scheme be? What environmental measures will be included? 

A) The proposals will comply with requirements for BREEAM and the energy consultant is in the process of working through the environmental measures. It is, however, likely that the proposals will include an air source heat pump heating system. 

Q) Has there been any coordination or discussions with the contractors who are planning on fully demolishing and redeveloping the building on the opposite side of Windmill House (on the other side of Windmill Walk)? 

A) There will be a construction management plan submitted as part of this planning application. It will take into account whether it is possible to coordinate with other sites in the area and outline ways to mitigate the impact of the construction on residents.  

Q) How many 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats will be built? 

A) 10 of the new flats will be at council-level rents. Of these, there will be 3 one-bed, 3 two-bed and 4 3-bed flats. 6 of the new flats will be available on a shared ownership basis, with 3 one-bed and 3 two-bed flats in this category. Finally, 20 of the flats will be for sale, with 10 one-bed and 10 two-bed flats available. 

Q) What is the timeline for the development? 

A) It is anticipated that the planning application will be submitted to Lambeth Council in Autumn 2020 with an aim to receive a decision in Spring 2021. Should the application be successful the project team will start on site in 2021 and the development will be complete in Autumn 2023.

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